Peer-Reviewed Publications

INTERACT'19 SplitSlider
SplitSlider is a reconfigurable control interface that allows input for uncertainty. By changing the configuration of the three cursors, users can either input a single value or probability distribution.
DIS'19 ExpanDial
ExpanDial is a shape-changing dial that can change the width and height. We observe how users grab dials of different sizes and design ExpanDial based on the results.
CHI'18 KnobSlider
KnobSlider is a shape-changing device that changes between a rotational knob and a linear slider to accommodate users’ needs.
CHI'18, Morphees+
Honourable Mention Award. We study everyday reconfigurable objects
for the design and taxonomy of reconfigurable UIs.
IHM'16, KnobSlider
We analyze professionals' needs on dials and sliders and evaluate low-fi profiles based on the needs.
VRCAI'10, Tablaction
The paper suggests interactions for touch and stylus input on tablets. To allow simultaneous input of touch and stylus, we implement a custom stylus.
KIIS'08, Personalized Spam Filtering
As blog services are getting popular, spam comments are increasing abusing these. In this paper, we suggest a personalized spam comment filtering system which reflects bloggers' taste in comment.

Other Publications

TEI'19 WiP, TUIs for Uncertain Input
The article suggests 5 TUIs based on dials and sliders, extending the one-dimensional input spaces to allow uncertain input.
UIST'18 DC, PhD Thesis
Fostering Design Process of Shape-Changing Interfaces
Masters Thesis '11, at KAIST
I suggest gesture-recognition interface with keyboard embedded IR modules.

Professional Projects

'14 Web Design
I designed and developed a website for Association for Vertical Farming. It was a great experience to meet people and learn about vertical farming.
'12-13 Samsung Smart Home
I designed the Smart Home service and UI. A part of the mobile and TV interfaces was demonstrated at 13 IFA and CES ’13. I played a role in a global user study, wire-framing, and usability test.
'12 Samsung Wallet
I participated a research project for Samsung Pay. I designed merchants app UIs and card reader appcessory. I also led user studies such as purse tour.

Personal Research/Other Projects

'15 Gun Shot Positioning System
I developed a system that can position a shot on a target, for Korean army's training purpose.
'15 Market App
In a big city, such as Berlin, it is not easy for sellers to set up a garage sale or flea market. On the other hand, buyers want to see as many items before making decisions, without walking through all markets. From these perspectives, I suggested a market app, which enables location-based selling and buying.
'13 Money Book
It can be painful to maintain all the expenses and incomes. I suggested a concept to foster the maintaining process.
'12 New Gmail
When users subscribe newsletters, they push down more important emails to out of users’ sight. Rather than categorizing some emails to Social or Promotion, I suggested following new features for Gmail.
'10 BookBook
In BookBook, we demonstrated interactive needs for pressure sensitive tablet. In addition to image enlargement, we prototyped racing game, e-book reader, interactive media art.
'10 Yo!Run!
We suggested a personal sports assistant app. An avatar guides users how to do sessions. An on-shoe sensor tracks user activities.

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'14 Web Design

I designed and developed a website for Association for Vertical Farming. It was a great experience to meet people and learn about vertical farming.