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Room 110, School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, University Rd W, Birmingham B15 2TT

Email [at]


Join the research team

I am continuously looking for passionate PhD students and postdocs. Feel free to drop me an email with your CV to discuss future openings. You can check out this page to see what kind of people I am looking for. Currently, there are a few funded PhD openings at the School of Computer Science. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Office Hours

Please use my calendly page to check my up-to-date office hours. I try to be in my office CS 110 during the office hours, but I may have other meetings to attend. To make sure you can meet me at a time you want, book a 15-minute slot on the calendly page. You can book more than one slot if you think needed. Please note that the office hours are only for the students at the University of Birmingham. If you are from outside of UoB and want to chat with me, please contact me via email.

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