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CHI'18, Morphees+

Morphees+: Studying Everyday Reconfigurable Objects for the Design and Taxonomy of Reconfigurable UIs

Hyunyoung Kim, Céline Coutrix, Anne Roudaut

Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI’18. (acc.25%) [pdf]

Honourable Mention Award (top 5%)

Morphees+, the refined shape-changing interface taxonomy

Refinement of the Shape Resolution features after analyzing daily deformable objects. We add (A) Size and Modularity to complete the (B) previous features. Size is an extended feature from the original definition of Area. Modularity is a new feature measuring the ability to be split into several parts that can be recombined.

Users interact with many reconfigurable objects in daily life. These objects embed reconfigurations and shapechanging features that users are familiar with. For this reason, everyday reconfigurable objects have informed the design and taxonomy of shape changing UI. However, they have never been explored systematically. In this paper, we present a data set of 82 everyday reconfigurable objects that we collected in a workshop. We discuss how they can inspire the design of reconfigurable interfaces. We particularly focus on taxonomies of reconfigurable interfaces. Taxonomies have been suggested to help design and communication among researchers, however despite their extensive use, taxonomies are rarely evaluated. This paper analyses two established taxonomies — Rasmussen’s and Roudaut’s — using daily reconfigurable objects. We show relationships between the taxonomies and area for improvements. We propose Morphees+, a refined taxonomy based on Roudaut’s Shape Resolution Taxonomy.

Examples of collected everyday reconfigurable objects. The full collection of 82 objects with pictures is available online. Anyone can contribute to the collection and expand our analysis on reconfigurable objects.

Photo credits (from left to right): the authors, Paul Goyette, Minnesota Historical Society, Counselling, Unsplash.

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